Wind Turbine Electromagnetic Energy: Exploring Risk of Harm to Human Health plus a 1 year subscription to Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

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The risk of harm to human health associated with radio/electromagnetic energy exposure is debated globally. Physicians and health practitioners may be presented with increasing numbers of patients with multisystem complaints, which may be initially confusing. Some residents living in proximity to wind energy facilities report harm they associate with exposure to radio/electromagnetic energy. Although authorities, physicians, and researchers express concerns regarding exposure to radio/electromagnetic energy in general, research specific to wind turbines is limited. Current regulations may be limited in scope and not include all devices that emit and/or utilize radio/electromagnetic energy. We recommend that government regulators advise the public of potential risks of exposure and establish limits that incorporate all sources of radio/electromagnetic energy, including wind turbines. Until these limits are established, governments should take precautionary and proactive measures to protect public health, with additional attention given to vulnerable population groups such as children and the older adults.