The Origins of Integrative Medicine—The First True Integrators: The Postwar Years and the Zenith of Alternative Medicine, Continued plus a 1 year subscription to Integrative Medicine: A Clinicican's Journal

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As part of the post-WWII emergence of a natural healing community, there was an explosion of scholarship advancing the clinical science of 
broad-scope chiropractic and of naturopathy. As other chiropractic colleges were acceding to a demand by the National Chiropractic Association to disband their naturopathy degree programs, Dr Budden held steadfast to his program and introduced this scholarship into his Western States Curriculum, including the Western American Naturopathic Association’s (ANA’s) Basic Naturopathy, edited by H. Riley Spitler, DC, ND. Two other broad-scope careers, those of A. R. Hedges, DC, ND, and of Wallace Martin Bleything, DC, ND, became interwoven with Budden, Carroll, Western States, and the Western ANA.